Al Aqeedah Al Wasitiyyah – Explained – Zinaid Abu Naser – Episode 1

This is a short course brought to you by Salafi Central. Join Sheikh Zinaid Abu Naser as he navigates us through Shaykh al-Islam, ibn Taymiyyah’s book: Al-Aqeedah Al-Wasitiyyah. It commences by listing articles of belief concerning Allah, in particular His Names and Attributes and the principles which must be applied to understand them. It then moves on to discuss topics such as the Qur’an, seeing Allah, the punishment of the grave, some of the descriptions of the Last Day and the events that will occur therein, the divine decree, faith and the Companions. Of significant note is that the creed closes with discussion about the moral conduct that a Muslim should adhere to.

We ask Allah to keep increasing you all in beneficial knowledge, may Allah allow us to complete this course of ours so that many Muslims may benefit from it.

Your Brother

Zinaid Abu Naser.

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