There are two types of laws:


An unjust law is a man-made law that is out of harmony with the Divine Law.

Man made law changes with the whims and desires of the ruling party. Manmade law changes with the subjective social norms at the time.

A great example of (subjective) social norms, is what these same people found abnormal 50 years back.

Homosexuality, was treated like a mental illness.

Homosexuals were treated with shock therapy and all sorts of morbid science experiments to try and fix their unacceptable desires, which went against the (Adam & Eve and not Adam & Steve – Semi Biblical) norm, which was taught all over the western world.

Fast forward to today and being gay has now become normal (Not only in the West but in some Muslim Majority Countries also), so much so that people can marry the same sex legally. Do not be suprised if bestiality also slowly creeps through and becomes a social norm (I am not comparing homosexuals to animals – though I am strictly against both), people will be able to marry animals and have legal relations with them.

Even the biggest liberal values cheer leader has to admit that this subjective “Western Norm” keeps changing over the course of Human existance, sometimes from year to year.

Clearly the LGBQT community and their lobby is working overtime to push their themes and ideas on every virtual platform available, there is not a new Netflix show or movie except there is a gay relationship that is part of it. Hoowever it’s not only restricted to fictional tv shows, or reality social experimentational programs, sports casters and commentators are coming out as gay, from every corner of the globe. Sports stars that many Muslims look up to and are fans of, are coming out as gay, some even electing to go transgender or be non gender specific.

You see the more that they show it, and the more we see of it, the more desensitized we become to the whole concept of it.

The constant with Man Made law, in Democracy is that the measuring stick or the proverbial goal posts, are constantly moving. What is not normal yesterday, could become normal tomorrow, if enough people say so and only if it fits the narrative at the time.

What about Divine (Shariah) Law?

As for, Divine Law. It is from the Creator of Man – Allah – Azza Wa Jal, and it is Forever Just, Forever Binding, Forever Constant and Applicable For All Times and Place and ALL PEOPLE.

There is no need to redesign it, there is no need  for reform rules and laws when the law is not written by Man,

When the Law is literally THE WORD OF GOD, everything else can only be inferior, insignificant, third level. You can not go wrong so long as you stick with it frimly.

This short article I hope will get the reader thinking and maybe even doing a bit of research on Shariah Law and it’s benefits. Hopefully moving everybody to become a little more proactive, to try and rectify their own life, to try and get in control of the entertainment that is being consumed and watched, by other family members, themselves and their friends.

We as Muslim must be able to stand up for what is Moral and what is Right, we have a voice and we have platforms and it is time that we come together to condemn some of these atrocities and abominations that are being fed to us through you-tube, tv and through books.

As the Hadith says : “The way  to stop injustice is by our hands, and if that is not possible, then with our speech and is that is not possible then with our hearts – and that is the lowest form on Emaan.”

The least we can do is hate it in our hearts and make other Muslims aware of what our youth is being bombarded with.

It brings to me a saying of the a Popular Islamic Speaker (who had his flaws), but was correct when he said: “…this is a battle for the hearts and the minds.”

May Allah allow us to live this life in the Dunya with True Tawakkul and High Emaan, may Allah expand our chests and allow us to speak up about every injustice when we see it.

Zinaid Abu Naser

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